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Area Humane Society Plays Big Role in Major Dog Rescue


Cazenovia (WQOW) - The Clark County Humane Society plays a big role in a major dog rescue.

More than 300 dogs were seized from a shelter that operated as a sanctuary for lost and found animals in Richland County, the Thyme and Sage Ranch.

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals said many of the dogs suffered from ailments such as severely matted fur, skin infections,  open wounds and were housed in poor conditions.

Twelve dogs were immediately brought to a vet for help, 150 dogs followed.

 Before this weeks raid the executive director of the Clark County Humane Society, Chuck Wegner, assisted in a number of undercover investigations at the ranch.  Wegner told News 18 on Wednesday, "It's a happy day in Wisconsin to see the cruelty to these dogs come to an end."

Jennifer Petkus, the owner of Thyme and Sage, is known as one of the bigger buyers at the Thorp Dog Auction. "She stood out because of the number of dogs she would purchase," Wegner told News 18 during a phone conversation on Wednesday.  Wegner said Petkus would buy from the auction, take the dog's home, but would not give them any medical attention, or grooming, then sell the dogs to the public at an inflated price. 

Last year, News 18 called Petkus after she posted at least 30 dogs up for adoption on a pet adoption website.  What got our attention was a number of dogs had matted hair, and looked unkempt.

 Petkus told the station she had rescued the dogs from a puppy mill, and that there were so many,  it would take a while to get to them all.  Petkus also mentioned during the same conversation, she had to work a full time job.    

Petkus is listed as a non profit rescue society in the state of Wisconsin.

The next step for the dogs is to be checked by veterinarians. After that, a number of dogs will be sent to humane societies for adoptions -- including the Clark County Humane Society.

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