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In Person: Cayla Kluver

Eau Claire (WQOW) - What does a 16-year-old know about life, love, marriage, intrigue, war? In times of peace? Hopefully nothing. Teenagers shouldn't have to deal with such weighty issues.

However authors must. To write convincingly, a novelist must bring characters fully to life, even kill them off now and then.

Cayla Kluver of Fall Creek got the idea to write a fantasy novel at the age of 12 and became a published author before she graduated high school at the age of 16. Her first book Legacy was self-published and edited by her mom, Kim. After snagging four awards and numerous five-star reviews, Legacy was republished in hardcover by AmazonEncore this past August.

Her second novel Allegiance is also completed and due out within a year. She's currently composing Redemption, the trilogy's wrap-up and with book deals in Italy, Spain, Japan, Greece and Germany she's bracing for an upcoming book tour, not college. Sorry. She wouldn't tell me how the story will end.

In our full-length interview, you'll get a feel for how a teenaged novelist's mind works but expect to be surprised... The topics range from wax-tipped poison darts, the "dead baby beginning," and boorish Princes to womens' rights.

Cayla is energetic, smart, insightful, and she thinks for herself. Cayla Kluver, In Person. Read all about it. Only on TV 18.

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