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Controversial sign posted in Abbotsford


Abbotsford (WQOW) - A sign posted in a storefront in Abbotsford might have you wondering whether we've turned back the hands of time, and for the wrong reason.

A man who's trying to open a strip club in Abbotsford posted a sign on the storefront which read, "No Negroes Allowed." The owner says he had a bad experience with African Americans, but instead of naming names, he targeted an entire race. When police asked him to take it down, he did so. The mayor says there's a delicate balance between private property rights and freedom of speech, and the rights of those who believe the words are offensive and inappropriate.

"And if I offended somebody, I'm sorry about that. But this is America and this is my right," says store owner Mark Prior.

"It is a free country and that's what's great about it but the freedom is for everybody," says Colby resident Melissa Thomas.

The mayor says the city does not condone racism, but is unsure if any further action will be taken.

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