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How Do They Make that Stuff?: Makeup


Eau Claire (WQOW) – A local entrepreneur says she's found the solution to overpriced makeup. 

Natalie Matz was fed up with the cost of high-end cosmetics. "I really wanted to buy all of the colors that I saw at the store and I couldn't afford it at $15 a piece," says Matz.  "I thought wouldn't it be cool if I didn't have to just pick one?"  The Eau Claire woman learned now to make makeup herself.  "I did a lot of homework, a lot of research a lot of reading," says Natalie.

Earlier this year, Natalie launched Bokeh Face, an alone makeup store with the slogan Fantastic makeup doesn't have to be a luxury. Matz says, "I realize the ingredients are the same no matter where you go and I could make it myself." 

Matz says her eye shadow base is a mixture of silica, mica, titanium dioxide, and magnesium myristate and magnesium cirate.  According to Natalie, all of her ingredients are FDA approved, which she buys from a supplier.  

Each color Natalie sells has a recipe, which are handwritten on 3x5" cards.  Most of the ingredients are mixed together in a blender, but some need to be mixed separately because they are too delicate for the revolving blades.  

The colors of Bokeh Face makeup are unique and very vivid.  "Most of my names are ridiculous and a little bit humorous," says Matz.  "I have one called Lumpy Space Princes. That's actually my most popular one." 

When finished, the makeup is packed into tiny containers and prepped for shipping.  "I take a lot of pride in the packaging, I think people like to open up something, it feels like a present," says Natalie.  "I think they look nice and sometimes I don't want to sell them.  Sometimes I want them to sit on my counter and be pretty."

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