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L.A. Weight Loss Announces Closing of Eau Claire Facility

Eau Claire (WQOW) - A national company is closing its doors at a time when people need them most.

L.A. Weight Loss just announced its closing in Eau Claire next Wednesday.

When News 18 contacted the corporate offices, they sent us this statement: "We wish we could have stayed open after operating in the Eau Claire area for 4 years, but the economic conditions in our country at this time have forced us to close our centers."

Several members of L.A. Weight Loss contacted the station expressing their frustration. The members say it's not just losing out on money they're upset about.

Members told News 18 they were looking forward to the extra support during the holiday season. That's why we did some searching for advice on what to do when you don't have a facility you can turn to.

"We see a lot of people coming in beforehand and hitting it hard beforehand because they know that the holidays are coming up and that they're probably going to be a little naughty," says Jessica Kelm, a personal trainer at Highland Fitness.

For those who are already feeling the pinch this season, Kelm has some tips that you can do on your own to stay fit.

"When you're shopping this holiday season, do things like parking farther away, making your laps at the mall, instead of just going to the stores you need, make an extra lap. Those little things are going to add up," says Kelm. 

If you're missing workout gear, just look in your kitchen.

"You can go through your cupboard and find cans or I used to use my iron pots and pans. You can come with ways to get some resistance. Get the rest of your family involved, get your kids involved," she adds.

If you need help buying nutritious meals, Kelm says learn the lay-out of your grocery store.

"One interesting thing that you'll notice about a grocery store, around the perimeters are the healthier foods. Your fruits and vegetables, it's kind of a square, your dairy, those are the healthier. When you get to the center that's where you're going to see a little bit more of your cookies and crackers," she says.

Jessica says whether you belong to a gym or not, small changes can lead to big results in the long run if you stick to a plan.

"Don't think of health as being a luxury, you can think of it as a priority doing it for your family and for your wellbeing of your life," she concludes.

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