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Local homeless students go without basic necessities; find out how you can help

We are launching the Top Drawer Drive.  We'll be collecting socks and underwear at our station off Highway 93. More>>

Access to mental health services for local families becoming increasingly difficult

Across western Wisconsin many families are fighting to get access to mental health services for their children. Who or what is stopping kids from receiving the care they need? More>>

Anonymous donors respond to help students in need

In less than 24 hours the community responds in a big way to a call for help. More>>

After school tutoring offered free of cost

After school, some kids find themselves home alone many nights of the week. Mom or Dad may be working and without anyone there to help with homework, grades could suffer. At the 3 to 5 Club afternoon tutoring is offered, free of cost. More>>

Program helps students overcome adversity, go on to college

Getting ready to apply for college is hard, and it can be even more difficult for students navigating it on their own. That's why one organization is helping disadvantaged teens explore education after high school. More>>

Non profit helps low income families and individuals stay active

Childhood obesity and diabetes have hit record levels in our country. One powerful tool against that trend is exercise. That's just one of the reasons why a local non profit is helping low income individuals stay active. More>>

Program helps families afford fresh, local produce

Some families that are struggling financially have said that it can be tough to eat healthy because of the cost. There are efforts to help more families afford fresh, local produce. More>>

Local dental clinic serves low income families

Most of us make it to the dentist once or twice a year. But for families struggling to make ends meet, or on limited insurance, dental care becomes less of a priority, and more of a luxury. That's why we're highlighting an area dental clinic that caters only to low income families or those on Badger Care. More>>

Transportation options for families without a car, or on a fixed income

For families without a car, and on a fixed income, getting kids from point A, to point B can be a struggle. This is especially true during the summer months, when transportation to and from school and to after school activities isn't offered by local districts. More>>

Discounted pool passes provide summer fun, safety

During the summer months a community pool can provide kids some relief from the heat. But, a season long pool pass is a luxury only some can afford. More>>

The Community Table: A resource for families in need of healthy food

When money is tight healthy food can be hard to come by. But for families with young children nutrition is what their growing bodies need most. That's why we're bringing attention to a place where families can go to receive a hot, healthy meal for free, no questions asked. More>>

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