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Angie's List: Going green with home shingle recycling Video included

In 2015 alone, 2 million tons of recycled asphalt shingles went into new pavement around the country, which saved taxpayers $2.6 billion. 


Angie's List: Bubbling boulders bring backyard enjoyment

Outdoor living remains a hot home trend, and backyard water features are part of the revolution. That includes bubbling boulders, just one unique way to create your own tranquil oasis.


Angie's List: Choosing whether to DIY yardwork or hire out

Yardwork is a labor of love for some, but these days it’s common to see a professional crew instead of your neighbor out mowing and clipping.


Angie's List: Exposing extra materials scammers

With temps on the rise, a common driveway scam is, too, so be on guard.


Angie's List: Maintaining your deck

May is National Deck Safety Month, so do your family a favor and get yours in shape for summer. 


Angie's List: Cutting cord clutter

TVs, DVRs, DVD players, audio equipment, gaming systems – together they can create a twisted web of wires. One remedy which doubles as décor might inspire you to clear your own cord clutter.


Angie's List: Get your bathroom up to date with these trends

If your master bathroom is still full of grouted ceramic tile and a tub/shower combo, you’re behind the times.


Angie's List: Hiring Critical When Having Home Exterior Painted

Does your house need a new paint job? Sixteen percent of recently surveyed Angie’s List members say theirs does, too. 


Angie's List: Tough stains and carpet cleaning

Have you ever tried to clean coffee out of your carpet? How about wine… or even blood?


Angie's List: The modern-day kitchen island

Know how when you have a party, everyone seems to end up in the kitchen? Designers have noticed, too, and because of it, kitchen islands – a fixture in modern kitchens that started out as a plain Jane option – have become an essential part of the room.


Angie's List: Record remodeling expected in 2017

A new Angie’s List survey and a national housing study indicate 2017 could be a record year for remodeling.


Angie's List: The hidden cost of a snow shoveling short-cut

Your kids may be dreaming of a snow day, but if you’re dealing with getting your family in and out of the house safely, those days might be nightmares for you.


Angie's List: Beautifying your bathtub

If your bathtub is older than you are, chances are it’s showing its age in ways that make you pull the shower curtain to hide it from guests.


Angie's List: Whole home surge protection

We live in the digital age, and that means we have a seemingly never-ending array of electrical gadgets plugged in at home, most of them 24/7.


Angie's List: Risks & rewards of DIY home security

Nearly 8 million property crimes occurred around the country last year, resulting in more than 14-billion dollars in losses. That’s inspired many consumers to invest in home alarm systems.


Angie's List: The Hybrid Furnace Heating Advantage

U.S. energy experts say home heating costs are going up this year by double digits for those using natural gas and heating oil. Many homeowners who want to stay toasty without breaking the bank invest in hybrid furnaces or dual-fuel heat systems.


UPDATED: Spring Green's Cornerstone church vows to rise from rubble after fire destroys building

Courtesy Kristine Springer-Pauley Courtesy Kristine Springer-Pauley

 Investigators looking into cause of Friday night church fire in Spring Green, Wisconsin. More>>

Angie's List: Finding the right front door

You probably haven’t replaced your front door recently, but if yours is warped, cracked or just not very appealing, it’s a mistake to look for the cheapest possible replacement.


Angie's List: Getting the right gutter guards

Fall is here and the falling leaves may be fun for the kids, but they can wreak havoc on your home’s gutters.


Angie's List: Modern homes burn faster in fires

New information has shown that contemporary houses can burn much quicker in a fire than older ones. 


Angie's List: Our homes are getting smarter

From door locks you open with your phone to refrigerators that tell you when you need more eggs, smart home technology ranges from practical to “wow.”


Angie's List: Call 811 before you dig

 If you're planning a project in your yard, our Angie's List Report explains before you dig, you first need to dial.


Angie's List: Beat the Heat on a Budget

The sound of the air conditioner kicking on signals heat relief to some. For others, it triggers even more sweat as they feel their wallets being emptied.


Angie's List: Get reviews for free

Are you one of the millions of people who wanted to use Angie’s List to find a contractor but stopped when you learned you had to pay? Angie’s List has a surprise for you. Thanks to its quirky commercials and 21 years in the business, Angie’s List is one of the most recognized brands in America. More than 3 million people use it to find services pros, but millions more have seen the company’s subscription fee as a line they won’t cross. “The need ... More>>

Angie's List: Termite Troubles

Springtime is the prime time for spotting termites, but even if you haven’t noticed any around your home, it doesn’t mean they aren’t there, inside your walls and floorboards.


Angie's List: Natural Gas Grilling

Outdoor kitchens have been popping up in backyards all across the county over the last five to 10 years, and with them has come an increased demand for natural gas grills.


Angie's List: Spray Tanning Insights

Skin cancer is the most common type of cancer in the United States. According to reports, more than three-and-a-half million people are diagnosed each year. But with summer approaching, the allure of a bronze body is strong, so how do you tan without soaking in the sun’s harmful U-V rays?


Angie's List: Keyless locks vs. deadbolts

A lost key a familiar story for a lot of us, along with the hassle it takes to get into your home when that happens. 


Angie's List: Post-Storm Scammers

Spring is here and that means storm season is too. When homes get damaged by wind, hail or any big weather event, scamming contractors will soon be circling.


Angie's List: Deep Spring Clean

If you can't remember when you last pulled out the furniture or broke out the scouring pads to clean you home, it may be time for a deep spring clean.


Angie's List: Maintaining your bike

Whether you use it to make your way to work, or you just enjoy a leisurely ride, your bike needs regular maintenance to keep it on the road. 


Angie's List: Escorting Animals Out

It can happen any time.  A mouse, a bat or some other unwanted creature finds its way into your house and starts making itself at home. 


Angie's List: Analyzing electric vehicles

Despite current low gas prices, the demand for electric vehicles may surge soon as manufacturers prepare to debut new, affordable models that can go as many as 200 miles between chargings. 


Angie's List: Tattoo removal

45 million Americans have them, but many of them wish they didn’t – tattoos. Because so many people regret adding that ink, the tattoo removal business is booming and might be even bigger if the process wasn’t so painful and pricey. 


Angie's List: Hiring out for chores

With home improvement stores popping up more places and DIY shows on TV more regularly, people are attempting all kinds of complex projects around the house, but Angie's List has new data that shows a lot of people are putting free time first and choosing to hire out for simple chores like yard work, house cleaning and handyman services.


Angie's List: Spring DIY projects

This warmer weather helps us remember spring is not far off, and that may have you thinking about some household projects you need to tackle. There are a few common jobs almost anyone can take care of on their own. 


Angie's List: Wedding planning woes

For any of you planning to say "I do" -- take note.  Wedding planning is a billion dollar business, and the average cost of a wedding is up to about $30,000 now.  According to Angie's List, couples who get tripped up walking down the aisle are usually those who didn't have a well-researched, detailed plan in place.


Angie's List: Hidden costs of hard water

Scaly bathroom fixtures and spotty dishes are a couple sure signs of hard water, which can cost you more than just a little embarrassment at your next dinner party.


Angie's List Report: The Modern Fridge

Buying a new refrigerator used to be simple, but not anymore. 


Scholastic pulls book over slavery backlash

The publisher of a controversial children's book about George Washington and his slaves is pulling the book from distribution.


Angie's List: Fireplace safety this winter

Angie's List has fireplace safety tips.


Angie's List: Travel agent trends

Angie's List has tips on whether or not to use a travel agent if you have plans to get away this winter.


Angie's List: Holiday lights safety

Angie's List has safety tips before you put up holiday lights. 


Angie's List: Home safety for older adults

Angie's List has help with home modifications for older adults who want to prevent falls and injuries.


Angie's List: Heating your home for less

Angie's List has tips on heating your home for less as the colder temperatures start to come into southern Wisconsin.


Angie's List: What's going on with your brakes?

If the brakes on your vehicle suddenly start making a noise, you may or may not have to take it in to get checked out. Angie's List makes sense of the three sounds our brakes make. More>>

Angie's List: Pet-friendly flooring

Angie's List has tips on flooring if you have a pet. More>>

Angie's List: To repair or replace?

When something breaks, are you more likely to repair it or replace it?  Angie's List recently reviewed records over thee past decade to see if the repair industry itself is in need of a repair. More>>

Angie's List: Repairing or replacing concrete

Angie's List has tips if you have cracked or crumbling concrete in front of your home. More>>

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