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DIGGING DEEPER: Small business owner brings healing products, gives aid to Ukrainian Army Video included

A small business owner who sells his wares in the Eau Claire area has found a new market where he says his products are needed -- war-torn Ukraine.   


DIGGING DEEPER: High cost of childcare Video included

The average cost of daycare in Wisconsin is more than $11,000 per year, yet daycare providers are not getting rich off the profession.


Digging Deeper: Life on Pause: Barron family awaits CBD oil approval to help with daughter's epilepsy Video included

The days of dancing, singing and silliness are diminishing for soon-to-be 12-year-old Destany Hanson of Barron, Wisconsin.


Digging Deeper: "Sentencing Sense" Video included

Eau Claire County is one of the first in the nation to implement a new initiative aimed at rehabilitating people accused of crimes.


Digging Deeper: Crushing Caseload Video included

Those tasked with keeping criminals off Wisconsin's streets are understaffed and overworked. A study finds the state needs 150 more prosecutors. News 18 digs deeper on the impact that shortage has on the entire justice system.


Digging Deeper: Area choir stands in the light despite dementia diagnosis

The greatest risk factor for developing dementia is age. Unfortunately there's no cure for that, and there's also no cure for dementia. However, if you challenge your brain, you can slow the symptoms. That's what a group of seniors in Eau Claire is doing right now.


Digging Deeper: Election 101

On November 8, voters will be selecting their next president, senator, or representative. We know that every vote matters, but do we know who we're actually voting for? Stephen Kelley digs deeper into the ins and outs of the election process.


Digging Deeper: Area rescue crews dive deep under with intensive training and advanced technology

Taking a dip in the water is a favorite summer activity for many, but as we know, water can turn dangerous in a hurry. 


Digging Deeper: Funding Our Future Video included

On election day, voters in Eau Claire and Chippewa Falls will be voting on much more than the next president. Those two school districts will be asking voters to weigh in on referendums -- and they are not alone. A number of school districts across the state have referendums on the November ballot.


Digging Deeper: Pros and cons of Jackson Co. elk re-introduction Video included

One year ago this month, elk were released into the wild in Jackson County for the first time elk since the 1800's. The project has not come without some controversy.


Eau Claire woman, hospitals share insight on chicken diet in Hmong community

The birth of a newborn is a sign of new life. But, it can also signal the start of a new tradition for new mothers.


Digging Deeper: Historic Homes of Eau Claire

For more than a century Eau Claire's history has been written.


Digging Deeper: Home Food Safety

Restaurant reviews and inspection reports can be looked up and scrutinized online, but health experts said most homes would not pass a food safety test.  


Rainbow Babies: Light after Loss Video included

The term Rainbow Baby refers to the healthy baby born after a family suffers an infant loss. The rainbow signifies the blessing of a newborn after the storm of grief has passed.


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