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Joe's Story: Homeless but Hopeful Video included

Joe said of all the cities and states he's been homeless in, Eau Claire is his favorite. He said the city has the best resources and services and is finally able to get the mental health and substance abuse help he needs. 


Digging Deeper: Two-year or four-year degree? Video included

Deciding where to attend college can be a challenge for many students. Is it better to hit the ground running and enter the work force, or dedicate time to earning a college degree?


DIGGING DEEPER: Half of Eau Claire County renters considered "cost burdened" Video included

The basic necessities of life are food, water and shelter; but does the price of one mean sacrificing the others?


Digging Deeper: Overdose Epidemic

As the battle against drug use in our community wages on, Eau Claire police report a troubling trend is developing. They've seen a sharp spike in overdose cases, and believe the introduction of a new deadly drug into the Eau Claire community is to blame.


Digging Deeper: Eau Claire retail workers have a bright future Video included

As the old Kmart building in Eau Claire still stands empty and with Gordy's locations closing all summer, some might think it's not a good time to be in retail in the Chippewa Valley. 


Digging Deeper: Barbershops in Eau Claire Video included

For nearly six decades, some barbershops in Eau Claire have been sharpening their shears with a touch of tradition.


Digging Deeper: Below the Surface Video included

Nestled at the confluence of two rivers, Eau Claire has become a top spot for water enthusiasts. 


Digging Deeper: "Untested"

Nearly 6,000 untested sexual assault kits have been discovered at hospitals and law enforcement offices across Wisconsin. The inventory was first identified three years ago. Today, the backlog is still significant.


Digging Deeper: What does it take to get behind the wheel of a school bus in Eau Claire?

You know your child's teachers and their coaches, but how well do you know the person driving them to school every single day?


Digging Deeper: Crushing Caseload Video included

Those tasked with keeping criminals off Wisconsin's streets are understaffed and overworked. A study finds the state needs 150 more prosecutors. News 18 digs deeper on the impact that shortage has on the entire justice system.


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