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Birth by Design Preference Checklist

With Birth by Design, you can make the most of your birth experience by being well informed about all the choices that are available to you. Use this checklist as a reminder to talk with your doctor or midwife about options that may meet your specific and individual needs. Keep in mind, you may desire options that don't match your needs given your medical condition at the time of delivery. It's important to work with your doctor or midwife in advance to be well informed about how situations may be handled given your labor and delivery. Being informed about your options well in advance of your delivery can help make your experience the best it can be.

This list covers a range of topics for you to consider as they relate to your birth experience. This planning tool is not meant to endorse a particular practice, but is designed to help you be more informed about options and choices that may be available. Together with your doctor or midwife or their staff, check the options that are right for you.

Environment Within the Birthing Suite

  1. Music for relaxation, dimmed lights, lowered voices
  2. Wearing own clothing, contact lenses
  3. Photographing immediately after delivery
  4. Number of visitors allowed in room
  5. Aromatherapy
  6. Other topics

Relaxation, Laboring, Coping Techniques

  1. Options for using the birthing bed
  2. Using the shower during labor
  3. Walking during labor
  4. A doula for labor support
  5. Hydrotherapy tub
  6. Other topics

Care During Labor

  1. Induction questions
  2. Internal vaginal exams
  3. Eating and drinking options, ice chips, sugar-free candy, clear fluids, etc.
  4. Starting an IV
  5. Fetal monitoring, internal and external
  6. Applying warm compresses and massage of perineum in preparation for birth
  7. Other topics

Pain Management Approaches

  1. Epidurals, other options
  2. Nonmedical pain relief such as massage, guided relaxation, bath or shower, changing positions, hot/cold therapy, acupressure
  3. Choosing to labor and birth without pain medication
  4. Having some pain-relieving medications
  5. Other topics


  1. Freedom of movement - positions such as side-lying, squatting, standing upright, hands and knees on floor, kneeling, resting arms on a bed/chair, etc.
  2. Use of birthing bed
  3. Birthing balls
  4. Rocking chair for labor
  5. Other topics

Vaginal Birth

  1. Viewing birth with a mirror
  2. Touching the baby's head as it crowns
  3. Having the baby hear its parents' voices first
  4. Placing the baby on my abdomen immediately following birth
  5. Placing the baby immediately to breast following birth
  6. Having partner cut the cord
  7. Other topics

Cesarean Birth

  1. Having partner present during birth
  2. Anesthesia options
  3. Types of incision
  4. Inserting catheter after spinal takes effect
  5. Viewing my baby's birth
  6. Photographing baby's birth
  7. Holding the baby after birth
  8. Postpartum care and medications
  9. Food and drink after birth
  10. Other topics

Postpartum Care

  1. Special dinner for new family
  2. Massage therapy or infant massage
  3. Involving siblings in experience
  4. Newborn picture on Internet

Newborn Care

  1. Breast-feeding
  2. Placing baby on chest after birth
  3. Eye drops administered after bonding with and breast-feeding baby
  4. Vitamin K
  5. Immunizations at birth
  6. Baby's first bath
  7. Circumcision
  8. Keeping baby with you
  9. Nursery care while you rest
  10. Infant security
  11. Newborn Channel - continuous television programming of baby and mother care and parenting
  12. Posting newborn photo on Internet
  13. Other topics

Feeding Baby

  1. Breast-feeding exclusively
  2. Formula
  3. Cup-feeding or finger-feeding baby sugar water or formula
  4. Combination of breast-feeding and bottle feeding
  5. Availability of breast-feeding educators and lactation consultants
  6. Other topics


  1. Sibling, family and friends
  2. Balancing rest with visitors
  3. Other topics

If Baby Needs the Level II Special Care Nursery

  1. Family visits
  2. Family boarding room
  3. Kangaroo care
  4. Rocking, feeding and caring for baby in the special care nursery
  5. Teaching parents to care for preterm infant
  6. Pumping and storing breast milk for baby
  7. Car seat testing
  8. Other topics
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