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It's Your Money: Personal Websites


MADISON (WKOW)--A personal website can be a valuable tool for job hunting. 

It can allow you to put your best work and resume experience in front of thousands of potential employers.

Click the red camera icon to watch our report on how to get yourself online.

Here's a list of top three "do's" and "don'ts" for a personal website:


1. Create a Personal Brand- Throughout your entire career web page you want to convey a central theme. E.X. Environmentally focused college grad, tech savvy start-up person or finance industry veteran. A personal website helps form the image in the recruiter or potential employer's mind that can set you apart.

2. Go Beyond Work Experience - Show the top 3 most important accomplishments of your career. Use images and slideshows to demonstrate your creative work and succinct prose to exhibit your storytelling and writing skills.

3. Link Up - Include links to business and appropriate social networking websites like LinkedIn and Twitter as well as career related blogs and websites you enjoy. Also, linking to your own blog will reinforce your online resume and keep potential employers focused on you as an applicant. The longer you can keep them reading, the better.


1. Don't Get Too Personal - Creative and digital careers require as much polish as conservative (i.e. legal or financial management positions) ones. If you're a musician, include music clips and artwork. If you're an accountant, music may express who you are but may work against you. Photos of your vacation do not have a place on your career website unless it somehow contributed to the arc of your career.

2. Don't Simply Repeat- Employers will be disappointed by career websites that are nothing more then your resume posted online. This is your chance to really express yourself professionally so make sure you go beyond the one page resume.

3. Don't Bore Them - Your online career webpage is where you can paint a more colorful picture of yourself. Maintain a professional tone but make sure your page is vibrant though pictures, video and interesting text. No need for superfluous language. Be clear and concise.

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