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Someone You Should Know: Chris Myers


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MADISON (WKOW)-- How much thought do you put into pouring a beer? A Madison man went through a nine-step process to win an international competition. It definitely makes Chris Myers 'Someone You Should Know.'

"Every night of the week your office is a bar," said Chris. "So, there are worst places to be in the world."

Chris Myers has a knack for pouring a drink.

"I learned to juggle when I was 18 and I started to meld those two together after a few years," said Chris.

Now 32, Chris' been a bartender for 10 years. And loves to put on a show when someone orders a drink at Madison's bar downtown.

His title recently went from just 'Madison bartender' to 'World Draught Master.'

"Belgium is to beer like France is to wine," said Chris.

Chris beat out 24 other contestants from around the world at the annual Belgium-born beer Stella Artois competition in London.

"Every detail had to be performed under scrutiny all the while with a smile on your face and showing that you're loving every minute of it," said Chris. "When inside you are--Please get this right!"

It is quite the process.

"When you have the perfect beer, you want the perfect chalice to put it in," said Chris.

9 steps in fact to pouring the perfect Stella Artois.

"So the first step is called purification," said Chris. "That's when you clean the glass."

Chris showed us how each step is done.

"Then we're going to rinse it to get the soap/detergent off the glass," said Chris. "Check for spots, make sure there isn't anything that will contaminate the beer."

"Go ahead and open the tap and start pouring," said Chris. "Keep it at a 45 degree angle and drop and lower it to create the proper head. Let it foam up nice and even over the glass."

"We're actually going to rinse the glass just to make sure all the head that came over the side we want that off the glass so it's nice to the touch," said Chris.

Chris presented his award-winning pour of Stella Artois.

Chris explained that there is a reason for all that foam at the top. It has flavor!

"Dip your finger in there and taste that foam," said Chris. "You'll see some of the flavor in there."

You don't want to get rid of that. There's taste in there."

Then, Chris put me to the test.

I told Chris I was nervous. Chris replied: "No reason to be nervous. You don't have judges, you don't have people staring at you. It's just you, and I, and the beer."

"I just did a better pour than the world champion," I said.

"Good think my title is secure for the year," said Chris. "It's not in contention anymore."

"I hope it was the good teaching," said Chris. "Spot on. Well done."

"There are all these steps to it," said Chris. "Perfection. Pomp and circumstance. But at the end of the day you are enjoying a beer and a good beer."

Click here for the 9-step process. 

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