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Helping mothers of multiples


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MADISON (WKOW)-- Every parent would probably agree that having one baby is challenging enough. Now multiply that by 2 or even 4 little ones to care for at the same time. Parents of twins, triplets, even quads have that unique challenge.

A Madison non-profit is there to help. In 'Someone You Should Know' Courtney Maher is just one of the women who are there to help.

Courtney Maher is a stay-at-home mom. She says she wouldn't trade her job. She's a busy mom. The kids get all her attention; so to even sit down to talk with us was a challenge.

Courtney has 4 children. Hadley and Aidyn are 5 year old twins.

When the twins were born, Courtney turned to Madison Area Mothers of Multiples. A group of mothers started it in 1970 as a support system and friendship. Today, there are about 200 members.

"When they're tiny and little it comes down to how do I get them to sleep at the same time so I'm not up all the time with one child," said Courtney. "And then as they get older, it's also school, do I keep them in the same classroom or do I not keep them in the same classroom."

Madison Area Mothers of Multiples helped Maher realize she's not alone. Courtney isn't. 181 babies were born in multiple births in 2008 in Dane County, according to the latest statistics available from the Wisconsin Department of Health.

"Parenthood can be very stressful and you can't be a great parent if you are totally stressed out," said Courtney.

Now, Courtney is a part of the organization, as a vice president, helping other moms of multiples.

"Any way we think we can help a family or alleviate stress on a family we really want to try to help even if it's a small token," said Courtney.

Courtney says the organization is a good fit for a lot of people, multiples or not. They offer help to families in general through programs like Mothers in Need that provides food, clothes, and even a ticket to see a movie.

Much like watching her own kids grow; Courtney is excited about the organization's future.

"We have this really stable and sturdy foundation that we are just trying to grow on," said Courtney.

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