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Bryon Bensen


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Bryon grew up in the small town of New Richmond, Wisconsin. He has lived in the Eau Claire area since 1993.

His wife, Rosalie, is from the Janesville area. She is self-employed and sells Silpada Jewelry. Both Bryon and Rosalie have extensive experience in customer service. They have 2 children that attend the Fall Creek  area schools. Bryce is 15 and Isabelle is 13.

Some of the hobbies that Bryon enjoys are bicycling, camping with his family, hunting and working on his hobby farm.

Bryon is a graduate of UW-EC and has a BBA in Business Administration.

He originally obtained his Real Estate license in 1987. He is also a member of the Eau Claire Fire Department. For the last 18 years. His experience and contacts with all the city of Eau Claire employees have made him very knowledgeable about the area. One of these goals is to assist this group of people with their Real Estate needs.

Bryon has added his experience to the Kleven Real Estate Team and he consistently provides the Highest Quality of service possible to both Clients and Customers.

Bryon has drawn up the following Fire Escape Plan for Your Home. Be Sure to Print it Out and Practice!


The most important Fire Safety Item for a family is WORKING SMOKE DETECTORS. Smoke Detectors should be near all sleeping areas and at least 1 for each floor. The best smoke detectors are interconnected. That means when one detector is activated, the rest of the detectors will sound an alarm.

All families should have a Fire Escape Plan for their home. The objective of the drill is to practice the escape plan as if it was at night and all family members were in their bedrooms.

Draw the escape routes on a map of the home. You can use grid paper to make your own map.

The plan needs to be practiced.

Practice the plan crawling on your hands and knees.

The Smoke from a fire is what kills or injures the most people in a home fire situation.

The best air will be near the floor.

Always have 2 Exits from Bedrooms.

Bedroom Doors should be closed at night. This will help to limit the smoke from spreading in the home.

Make sure all windows and doors operate correctly. They can be used as secondary exits.

Second Floor bedrooms should have an escape window ladder. Using the escape window ladder will also need to be practiced.

Always feel a door before you open it. Use the back of your hand.

If it is hot, do not open-use the secondary exit.

Call the fire department from outside the building.

Have a safe meeting place for the family outside the home. This could be the mailbox or the neighbor's front stairs.

Make sure to take a head count. If someone is trapped inside- the fire department needs to be informed.

Make sure all family members know their address and what number to call for emergencies.

Once you get out of the Building STAY OUT.

Bryon also recommends the following link to the National Fire Prevention Association Site:

Thank You, Bryon, for sharing all this helpful information with us! Be sure to call, e-mail, or text Bryon with any Fire Safety or Real Estate questions you may have.

October is FIRE SAFETY MONTH  Below is a Fire Escape Plan Bryon has written to Help keep You and Your Family Safe!

In Addition, below is a link to the National Fire Prevention Association's Web Site. Bryon Highly Recommends this Site for Additional Information. If you have any questions, be sure to give Bryon or a call, text, or send him an e-mail. He'll be happy to answer any of your Real Estate or Fire Safety questions!



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