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Jefferson Award Winner: Fern Meisner


Bloomer (WQOW) - This month WQOW News 18's Jefferson Award goes to Fern Meisner, and as you'll learn, to this volunteer age truly is nothing but a number.

Setting aside a few hours to volunteer each week would be difficult for many, for Fern Meisner, a few hours isn't enough.

The 80-year old explains her passion for volunteerism simply, she likes to help others. "I guess that's my philosophy, do unto others as you'd have them do unto you," says Fern.

Fern retired 10 years ago, but her son says that hasn't slowed her down one bit. In fact, many days when he stops by to have lunch with his mother, she isn't there. "Pretty soon it got to be there was maybe one day a week when I'd come. The only person I'd see the other four days was the dog because she was gone out at Meals on Wheels, food pantry, Taco Tuesdays," joked Tom Meisner.

For 30 years Fern worked as a cook at the local school, and helping serve meals is still a large part of her weekly routine. "I got to keep busy," Fern added. "Maybe one day I'll be in that position and they can help me."

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