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Project Money: Team Robertson


MADISON (WKOW)--From a single mom to a couple of bigger families to a state worker facing a big drop in their paycheck, the 2011 Project Money teams face both common and unique financial challenges.

Sheila and Dan Robertson live on a small farm near Blanchardville. They're doing a little better than paycheck-to-paycheck, but believe they can do better than that.

"The last few weeks I'd been struggling with paying bills and was getting ornery when I paid bills and realized we didn't have a whole lot left over until the next pay period," says Dan Robertson.

That's about the time the Robertsons found out about Project Money. The chance to work with a financial expert to get them on a better track was just as much an incentive as the ten thousand dollar grand prize. Their first task: get organized.

Like the other Project Money teams, the Robertsons begin by finding out how much money they're spending and what they're spending it on. They're now working on a budget with their coach. One of their main goals is to beef up their savings.

"We want first, that buffer zone, a little room in case something goes wrong or, heaven forbid, something goes awry. So we want a cushion. But we want things like a vacation, we'd like to go back where we were married in Mexico for our tenth anniversary, so we'd like to go back to that. We'd like to have a beginning of a college fund for Max. We'd like to have a retirement fund set up for us," says Sheila.

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