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Project Money: Sacrifices


MADISON (WKOW) -- Life in the country is priceless for the Robertsons.  But, in their effort to save the most money and cut the most debt to win Project Money, they realize the price on some of life's luxuries adds up fast.

"We're beer snobs. We like fancy bear versus cheap beer. I have to get used to drinking out of a can again," says Sheila Robertson.

"I have to make sure I pack my lunch everyday versus saying I didn't have time and I'll get lunch at the restaurant or gas station today," says Dan Robertson.

Eating out was a big expense for all of the teams. And one of the first things they did was find ways to spend less on food.

"We're not going out at all. We're learning how to cook. I knew how to cook before, but it kind of just fell apart. But now, I have a lot of good recipes from my friends," says Penny Duane.

"Now we're clipping coupons. I have a friend at work who's turned into a coupon maniac and so we're comparing and making just one trip to the grocery store instead of six in a week," says Juli Brown.

Sometimes, sacrifice takes the form of prioritizing home improvements.

"We had a flood in our basement and I want some new carpet or tile on the floor, but that can wait," says Larry Brown.

And it's not just sacrificing convenience. Comfort is also on the chopping block. We visited Jennifer Jones in her second floor apartment on a day when the heat index was 109-degrees.

"Like today, I'd love to have air conditioning, but I got my MGE bill in the mail and it was $15. You can't beat that.  But then you're really hot and uncomfortable on a day like today," admits Jones.

And sometimes sacrifice takes the form of more work.  Three of our four teams have second jobs to help bring in more income.

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