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Project Money: Duane Coach


MADISON (WKOW)--Penny Duane admits she never used to pay much attention to how she spent her money. So, when her Project Money coach helped her come up with a budget, it wasn't easy.

 "In the beginning I panicked because I wanted to shop and I didn't have any money to shop," said Penny.

"Penny would be an impulse buyer. So, when she wanted to buy something, she went ahead and did it. she carried cash in her wallet, she went ahead and spent that cash," says her Project Money coach, Mary Johnson.

Now that she's seeing how her efforts are paying off, she's looking forward to what else she can do with the money she's saving.

Penny says she'll be on cloud nine if she wins that ten thousand dollar prize. Her coach says there's nothing secret... or complex... about getting there yourself.

"I think you really have to go back to the basics and really know what your income and expenses are. it's critical for making changes," advises Johnson.

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