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In Person: George Polzin


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Ask anyone and they will tell you that farming is not an easy job.

Ask a farmer and he or she will tell you it was an easy choice.

Agriculture is the number one economic activity in the state of Wisconsin. For George Polzin, it's not only business, but bloodline. Like the three generations of Polzins before him, he's bonded with a plot of Chippewa County land and a herd of Holsteins.

It's not a career choice for the feint of heart. You're in "George's World" now -- a place where forty hour work weeks don't exist, and the "boss" is the weather. You can't even call it work; you do it every day rain or shine, cold or heat, tired or not -- or you better get out of the business.

Many people have. It's getting harder and harder to negotiate the economics of farming, and many young people are deterred by the investment – or the lack there-of..

In our interview – conducted in a cornfield on a beautiful day in October with the combine running behind us -- George makes the argument for genetically-modified crops, the dairy pricing system "for dummies," expounds upon the advantages of growing up farmer, and reflects upon the future of family farming on his 800 acres of paradise.

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