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In Person: Rima and Robert DeFatta


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Have you ever considered that your head is the Control Center for the rest of your body? Think about it.

It's also the first thing other people learn of you, that all-important first impression. When you're talking quality of life, it's essential to keep this integral yet fragile vessel "up and running" and functioning at full capacity.

The head and neck are central to a dizzying assortment of health issues -- like vertigo, thyroid disease, sleep apnea, tongue and mouth cancer, earaches, allergies, hearing loss, smelling, tasting, and both cosmetic and reconstructive surgery.

Rima and Robert DeFatta are both otorhinolaryngologists –- in lay-personese "ENT's" – specialists in the "ear, nose, and throat. The two of them met in medical school, hit it off in OR, and got married, ending up in practice together at Sacred Heart & St. Joseph's Hospitals in the Chippewa Valley. If the symptoms stem from the neck up, they've got you covered.

In our conversation, Rima and Robert reflect upon love, romance, and medical partnership, substitute skulls, free flaps, the place of robotics in non-intrusive surgery, ear tubes, ear buds, movie noise, and that wondrous organ, the larynx.

Drs. Rima & Robert DeFatta, In Person. Only on WQOW News 18. Keep your head in the game.

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