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In Person: Fr. Brian Konopa


Eau Claire (WQOW) - People who are ordained will often use the word "calling" to describe the moment they were inspired to pledge their lifelong commitment to their faith.

Fr. Brian Konopa wanted to be a priest since he was old enough to serve at the church altar.

A priest is expected to be "Christ's representative on Earth." That's a lot to ask of any man. He must serve as guidance counselor, marriage counselor, spiritual coach, sounding board, example to children and grown-ups alike -- all while forfeiting the right to wife or children of his own.

In our interview we meet the man behind the Roman collar, delving into spiritual beginnings, keeping it fresh on "game day," where  priests go when they "retire," and the day he came to the rescue of Grandma's cremated remains at the airport.

The Catholic Church is an institution rich in history, tradition, and controversy, and the men who pledge their lives to it are not supermen. The poet Robert Browning summed it up in a line when he said that "priests are only men." (Women as priests? Don't hold your breath. The end of celibacy? One day perhaps…). You might have heard a priest preach, but have you ever heard him "man up?" Sometimes it's good to be reminded of the humanness of those who serve God.

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