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Project Money: The Winner


MADISON (WKOW) -- The Robertsons, The Browns, Penny Duane and Jennifer Jones began Project Money often spending more money than they had, accumulating debt and working hard just to keep up. Three of the four teams had second jobs.

Yet, over the course of seven months, they all turned their situations around with the help of their coaches from Summit Credit Union.

In fact, as a group, this year's teams saved the most and paid off the most debt of any in the three seasons of Project Money. But it is a contest, so someone had to come out on top.

Penny Duane saved more than $6,100 and paid off nearly $6,800 in debt. She says the key to her success was using a set amount of cash for her monthly food bill and not eating out. And for her efforts, a $10,000 reward.

"We'll save a little, put some aside for a house and take a trip. We want to find somewhere warm, Jamaica," said Duane.

And Penny's valuable advice for the next Project Money teams:

"Follow your coach's budget, save your receipts and work really hard."

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