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Jefferson Award Winner: LuAnn Hall


Boyceville (WQOW)- Generous to a fault, giving, the biggest hearted person you'll ever meet. Those are words used to describe LuAnn Hall.

In the small town of Boyceville there is one woman almost everyone you meet seems to know, LuAnn Hall.  Luann heads up a number of organizations including the local food pantry and the Coat Closet, which provides free, warm winter items to those who can't afford them. She's the driving force behind a toy drive for needy families each holiday season, and that's not all.

"She is a single mom, her son Jim is not autistic but her son Charlie is," says Glenise Thomas, who nominated LuAnn for the Jefferson Award. "She has to work around some special needs of her family and yet she still finds a way to get it all done and give to everybody.

When asked about her hectic schedule LuAnn simply says, "Somehow it all works out and you go where the biggest need is first."

Luann also volunteers her time to collect box tops and milk caps for the Boyceville school district. That's in addition to a county wide school supply drive she helps coordinate each year.

"She has her thumb on the heartbeat of the community," adds Tiffany Creek Elementary school principal Nick Kaiser. "Sometimes even if there is just a simple need in the classroom, not even school wide, she'll find someone to take care of it or put the word out. And sure enough, pretty soon something shows up. She's just always looking to help."

Glenise, who volunteers with LuAnn at the Coat Closet, says Luann has changed her outlook on life.  "We take so much for granted and we go home to our comfortable this that and the other thing.  And when you look around and see so many people that don't have that, it just hurts and you have to help."

LuAnn says what keeps her going is knowing the growing there is a growing need in her community. "The feeling you get in helping the people is a feeling you will never experience elsewhere."

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