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Melinda's Garden Moment: Vegetable Gardens


MADISON (WKOW) -- Extend your season and planting space for more fresh from the garden flavor.

Melinda Myers says a hothouse provides a warm environment to jump start the season and extend it long past the first killing frost. Peas and other cool season crops can get an early start. Warm season plants, like peppers and tomatoes, are protected from cool nights, giving them a quick start for an earlier harvest.

Grow potatoes in containers to make planting and harvesting easy. Use a large container with drainage holes and be sure to water thoroughly as needed.

A recycled Valentine's Day tablecloth provides production boosting red mulch.

Grass clippings free of chemicals also make a great mulch. They add nutrients, moisture and organic matter to the soil while helping suppress the weeds.

An old gazebo provides support for cucumbers and other climbers. Other found objects, including a slinky, create a unique tomato tower.

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