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Someone You Should Know -- Jasmine Mans


MADISON (WKOW) -- Passion, poetry, and purpose. Those three words describe a visionary young woman in our community. Elishah Oesch introduces you to the poet, the director, the mover, and the now published author, Jasmine Mans.

Jasmine Mans reads out the first few lines of her poem, "Dear First Lady." The self-proclaimed messenger can't help but express her passion for life and making a difference in everything she says. Jasmine says, "the message I deliver through my poetry is the message taught to me by my mother, grandmother, teachers, professors, coaches, and God." Jasmine is a poet, a director, a writer, and most importantly a young artist at the U-W Madison in the First Wave program.

Jasmine's professor Chris Walker is the artistic director of the First Wave program. The program uses movement and all art forms to reach people. He has nothing but the highest praise of Jasmine's work and her personality. He says, "this is a woman who's artwork is speaking directly to the issues and not around them. I see her as not just a poet but as an artist who's work has an impact and a broader and wider reach."

Chris is not just a proud professor. Jasmine's credits include everything from debate and writing awards, to Glamour Magazine's Top 10 College Women of 2012. Plus, as of this month, she has a new book of poetry called, "Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels." Something Jasmine says is, "my literal every day walk of life." The book is a collection of poems from 2006 through 2012. It's works include many pieces Jasmine also performs.

Some of the lines from Jasmine's poem, "Dear First Lady," go like this... "The ideas of little boys jumping up with the American Flag tied around their neck and believing that they can fly." Jasmine performs those lines often on the stage. It's the place she feels the most at home and the most inspiration. Jasmine says, "poetry and writing is not just a hobby. It's really a craft that I choose to master." This new book is a big piece of that mastery. Jasmine acknowledges its importance, but to her, the overall message of her artwork is bigger.

Copies of Jasmine Mans' book of poetry, "Chalk Outlines of Snow Angels," are now available. To learn more about the book and Jasmine Mans, you can go to:


You can also become a fan of Jasmine's work on her fan Facebook page. You can also contact Valeria Davis at U-W Madison for further information at


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