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SYSK-- Dr. Ted Goodfriend


MADISON (WKOW) -- Over the summer The Red Cross and WKOW are honoring several outstanding individuals in our community. Each one has made a huge impact of the life or lives of another. Elishah Oesch introduces you to the recipient of the Red Cross Health Care Hero Award. Dr. Ted Goodfriend is Someone You Should Know.

Dr. Goodfriend says, "most of my charitable work was stimulated by student interest."  Doctor Ted Goodfriend is a professor emeritus at the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public health. He's also the founder of Medic, a student run network of seven free clinics in the Madison area. Medic offers health services to the homeless and under served for free.

Dr. Goodfriend says the program is bare bones to the say the least. In fact, he says, "the nearest thing to this is a field station in a battle ground." He calls it that because they treat people in need with the barest of materials and all on a volunteer basis. He says, "as far as supplies are concerned there simply are no supplies." However, there are students with a passion for healing, and a heart like his for giving back.

Ever the modest man, he says, "all I did was to help it get started and encourage the students and channel them. The students have done the rest." Under his guidance, medical students volunteering their time at Medic provide short term care, advice, and often a much needed referral to the hospital or emergency room. But moreover, the students gain something else. Dr. Goodfriend says, "the greatest benefit is to expose medical students and physicians to the needs of the under served."A group of people that Dr. Goodfriend says are slipping through the cracks of our system. But, who nevertheless are teaching students how to be better at their profession.

Dr. Goodfriend says, "why do you become a doctor? Well, because you want to do good for other people!" Dr. Goodfriend plans to continue to help students do good for other people through Medic for the rest of his life. He says,"I didn't do any of this to be honored for it, but it turns out I've been very proud of what I've done in Medic.

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