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New sand mine approved in Chippewa County


Chippewa County (WQOW) - A new sand mine has been approved, just days after a moratorium was lifted.

Monday night, the Auburn town board gave the green light to a developer's agreement with Taylor Creek Transit.  The company wants to mine on about 35 acres. 

Last week, the board repealed a nine-month moratorium, saying it had enough information to make the necessary changes to its ordinance.

"They say it's their land, they pay taxes, they can do what they want but we're stewards of the land.  You don't own land like you own a book or a car.  You didn't live on the land before you were born and you're not going to live on the land when you die, somebody else is," says Yvonne Mccarty, a Town of Auburn resident.

"We can't stop these sand mines, but we can hold their feet to the fire and have them follow whatever ordinances we have or agreements that we have," says Heather Andersen, another Town of Auburn resident.

The developer's agreement includes provisions seen before in other area towns: limits on hours of operation, a property value guaranty, to name a few things.

Taylor Creek Transit says it has worked with the town to craft an agreement that far exceeds the requirements of the town's mining ordinance. There's no word on when the company will start mining. 

The Chippewa County sheriff was asked to be at the meeting Monday because there were concerns about comments and behavior at previous meetings.  There were no issues at Monday's meeting. 

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