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In Person: Betty Reinke


There's not a single thing on planet Earth that goes it alone. Hot is meaningless without comparative cold. Seas would be pointless without beaches. Even hatred partners up with fear and ignorance.

That goes for people too. Going it solo is a one-way ticket to loneliness, irrelevance, or an unmarked grave. (Look at what happened to Amelia Earhart!)

From the time before our mothers bring us into the world, until the day we surrender that Mom-entum, we are merely the expression of a need to be part of partnership -- a complicated and inescapable network of family, friends, coworkers, or mentors. 

For 43 years Betty Reinke has been there for the staff and clientele of the L.E Phillips Career Development Center. Her job title is listed as "Program Director," but her job description knows no bounds – and neither does her humility or her energy.

The CDC is about opportunity, pertinence, and inclusion.  One of the CDC's core objectives is to nurture employment partnerships with local businesses and individuals with disabilities or disadvantages. Mainly that means "work."

Work is often what defines us. It provides us with not only income, but worth, and social structure. And when we are valued by our culture, we feel included a part of the "whole."

In an Us versus Them World, Betty Reinke vows there is no such thing as the "other." No man is an island. Everybody needs somebody sometime. And that's a comfort – to know that there's somebody out there who will never give up on "us."

Despite the lengthy on-camera conversation I enjoyed with Betty – as usual, embedded in full on our website – there remain unanswered questions…

How will the folks at the CDC replace the kind of energy that Betty generated daily?

Does she really know the name, birth date, and favorite color of everyone who has ever worked there? Where in the wild world will she visit first in retirement? And will the tent leak?

Wherever she goes, it won't be solo. The connections Betty's made could cover the planet -- and everything's better when enjoyed with friends.

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