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In Person: Gail Schellinger



Gail Schellinger's art will make you do one of three things:

It will make you…

   1. Turn your head.

   2. Scratch your head, or

   3. Wag your tail.


It kind of depends upon whether you're one of three things:

   1. An art lover.

   2. Infested with head lice, or

   3. An animal lover.

Gail's work never fails to turn my head, or wag my tail. I've always thought of Gail's work as surprising, refreshing, and fun – like a cloudburst on a sweltering summer date.  Like a language everybody understands, but nobody speaks out loud. Like a fairy tale come to life.

Art is ushering forth from the small windowless studio in Banbury that Gail shares with her artist-husband Steve Katrosits. Pet portraits are in, both because people love their pets, and Gail loves to paint them. And then there's Stitchy and Stuffy (No, this is not a new Nickelodeon cartoon…) – the two-year old line of irresistible hand-sewn sock animals that are selling faster than a litter of Yorkies. Get thee to "Tangled Up in Hue!"

In the full interview we delve into the mind of the artist who painted "Dogs in Space," and Mona Lisa with Greyhound.

How did the Portrait of the Pet Artist as a Successful Entrepreneur evolve? You've heard of the World Series, but how about the "Shelter Dog Series?" Whatever happened to the "Guillotine Gate?" Does yarn keep trees warm in winter? Who actually names all those Stitchy Stuffies? How do you get a pit bull to pose pretty for a sitting? Smile and say "bacon!"

Gail Schellinger, In Person. Only on TV 18. Where art is top dog.

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