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In Person: John Goode


List the toughest substances on planet Earth; Iron. Steel. Granite. Diamond. Stubbornness. The human spirit.

It seems that last one, in particular, cannot be broken.

Take the story of Johnny Goode, for example.

John was raised in Arizona – until both his mother and father died. Then the life of hard knocks took custody. He started drinking when he was ten years old. By age thirty he was addicted to a lifestyle that was killing him

What is it that inspires a man to hang on to life even after it's abandoned him? There are many who never survive their addictions, but not long after John met his friend Dave – his first sponsor in recovery – he began to slowly reclaim control.

John has become something of a legend on Water Street – but during the day – in coffee shop circles. He's gentle, outgoing, and talkative – willing to share his experience with those who care to listen. Many of those who have heard his tale of recovery have come to admire his humility and tenacity.

In the talk I had with John, he explained not only his struggles with addiction, but with cancer and depression too.  His health has been anything but goode, but his spirit? That's  the stuff of  heroes.

And no, his middle initial isn't "B.' It's "N" for Nick.

Johnny Goode, In Person. Only on TV 18. Life is Goode.

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