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In Person: Dave Obey


Quiz question for you…

Who is the longest serving Wisconsin politician in history?

Twenty-one consecutive terms, 42 years, never voted out?

That would be Dave Obey, US Representative from the 7th Congressional District of northwestern Wisconsin.

Let's put that into perspective…

When Dave Obey started in Congress, we were still a nation deeply divided over Vietnam. When he took office, we'd yet to land a human being on the moon. When Dave Obey went to Washington, the Beatles were still making music together.

Dave Obey worked with eight presidents – Nixon, Ford, Carter, Reagan, Bushs Sr. and Jr., Clinton, and Obama. That is what is called a lonnnnng -- and intimate --perspective on history.

At 74 years of experience, the fiery Mr. Obey is retired from elected office, but not from politics. In the fascinating conversation I had with him, we discuss who he thought was the best president of his age. We'll learn why the man who helped create Medicare is hot about healthcare, Citizens United, and "equal opportunity." He explains why it's so easy to confuse "stimulus" and "bailout," how to fix the budget, what scares him, and whether or not Wisconsin is about to go "Red State." Oh, and you'll hear the story of the Genii and the Goat.  

Dave Obey, In Person. Only on TV 18. Never politics as usual. 

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