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In Person: John Cehkoski


Restaurants live or die by the quality of their food. Savory and affordable means customer satisfaction, and easy on the taste buds feeds word of mouth.

Service is the next most important element of success. Treat the customer like family, and you have earned a loyal patron.

Do both and you'd best expand the seating area.

The Chippewa Family Restaurant on Chippewa's North side seems to have figured it all out. From the moment you cross the threshold you are greeted warmly – by the owner. John Cehkoski is happy to see you, and it shows.

John has been the owner of the CFR for more than six years now. He left his birthplace in Macedonia – a southern European country near Greece – and moved to Chicago, where he ran another restaurant before moving north to Chippewa Falls. His nephew Ed Sabani runs the Altoona Family Restaurant – another crowd-pleaser.

Word of John's personality and generosity has spread faster than butter on warm wheat toast. He's as quick to help out a needy cause or individual as he is to top off your coffee. Treat the community like family and you have earned a loyal -- and appreciative – following.

John Cehkoski,  In Person. Only on TV 18. From the time you come through the door, you're family.

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