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Michigan's right-to-work unlikely in Wisconsin's near future


MADISON (WKOW) -- Michigan's adoption of a right-to-work law is unlikely to be duplicated in the near future in Wisconsin, according to Governor Walker and republican leaders.

Michigan republican Governor Rick Snyder signed the controversial bill into law Tuesday, as thousands protested the measure's impact on public and private sector labor unions. Under the law, the payment of union dues for workers will be voluntarily. Police and firefighter unions are exempt.

In 2011, thousands protested Wisconsin's passage of limits to public union collective bargaining.

In January of this year, billionaire Beloit business owner Diane Hendricks urged Walker to consider right-to-work legislation. Walker described public union collective bargaining as a "first step."

But Walker Tuesday said job creation is at the top of his agenda, and right-to-work legislation would be a distraction.

Rep. Chris Taylor (D-Madison) told 27 News during Walker's campaigning this year, he refused to answer whether he would veto a right-to-work bill if it came to his desk.

Assembly Speaker-Elect Rep. Robin Vos (R-Burlington) and other republican leaders have indicated right-to-work legislation is not among their priorities. Taylor said she hopes republicans and democrats can work to strengthen the economic position of middle class workers.

Snyder's action in Michigan leaves more than twenty states with right-to-work laws.

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