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ATM credit card skimming on the rise


Prairie Du Sac (WKOW)-- Two men were federally indicted this week for stealing people's identities through ATM skimmers in Wisconsin and across the country. Nearly 200 people in Sauk County were targeted this past November.

So far the group of thieves has been able to steal $3.3 million from over 6,000 bank customers across the country. They attach small skimmers to the ATMs. They put it inside the card reader so they can grab all the information from your card's magnetic strip. Sometimes they even attach a camera that can record you typing in your PIN.

Sauk Prairie police think the group used the ATM outside of Sentry Foods in Prairie Du Sac last November. They made off with more than a $114,000.

Four suspects have been identified, two of which have been arrested and charged in federal court, but officials have two others they're still looking for.

"It's something that I think people need to become a lot more sensitive to. They really need to try to protect themselves and I recommend that you really pay close attention to your bank statements as well as change your pin number on a frequent basis," Sauk Prairie Police Chief Jerry Strunz says.

Even though these illegal skims happened more than four months ago locally, police say the suspects have been known to go back to communities a second or third time. They're warning everyone in our area to be aware of any strange marks, scratches or odd equipment attached to any local ATMs. It might mean that they've been tampered with.


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