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Spring snow melt causing water damage to area basements


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Snow may finally be melting away for good, but all that water has to go somewhere. Unfortunately for some area homeowners, the melt means spring cleaning may need to start in the basement.

"We haven't sensed that we've lost anything due to the water. I think we probably caught it pretty soon, and nothing stood in water very long," said Augie Wirkus.

Spring cleaning is taking on a new meaning for the Eau Claire resident.

"Caroline, my wife, went downstairs and came up and she says "I think we've got a problem" (laughs) And she heard the squishing before she realized there was water in there," Wirkus said.

He is one of several people who have needed the help of a cleaning company like ServiceMaster of Chippewa Valley.

"The influx really came in this Saturday, which we probably received anywhere from 30 to 50 losses that have come through the office," said ServiceMaster owner Mike Koenig.

While good for business, this winter is a bad one for many homeowners.

"It doesn't stay warm long enough. Today we're in the 20's and it gets down to the lower teens at night. So everything is thawing quite slowly," Koenig explained.

Since it can't sink in to the ground, water runs to the lowest point, and can end up in the carpet padding of your basement. Luckily for Augie, no personal belongings were damaged.

"We knew to try and get everything up off the water, so we did as well as we could getting old ice cream container lids and so on to stand furniture on. Other stuff we just put up on shelves," Wirkus said.

ServiceMaster suggests removing snow from around your foundation to limit the chances water has of getting inside. There's also a long-term fix.

"Our yard slopes from the back to the house, so I think we're going to have to do some landscaping and elevate some of our flower beds so that this doesn't happen again," explained Wirkus.

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