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Gun control advocates rally to keep debate alive


MADISON (WKOW)-- The gun control debate is still raging on months after the shooting in Newtown Connecticut. Voices on both sides of the issue show no signs of going silent.

Just outside of a Madison cemetery a group of demonstrators are speaking out against gun violence by holding tombstones to symbolize every mass shooting in American history.

"3,000 people have been killed since Newtown in just routine gun violence and so it's a commemoration and a call to action," organizer Eric Sundquist says.

The group organized the event Wisconsin Will Never Forget as way to speak to the public and remind them to make their opinions heard during this gun control debate. It's all part of a nationwide effort called Organization for Action.

"My bill is actually just a small increment of what we have to do. It would basically say if you're selling a gun it has to go through a licensed dealer," Democrat Representative Terese Berceau says.

Berceau and other Democrats are currently pushing that bill through the Wisconsin legislature, but face several gun rights advocates and politicians who say it limits the 2nd amendment.
In Washington the debate rages on with several gun control bills trying to make universal background checks mandatory, ban all assault weapons, limit magazines to ten bullets and create stricter enforcement on gun trafficking.

On the other side of the issue, gun enthusiasts and the NRA have stuck to their guns. They've organized several events across the country like the rally at the Wisconsin State Capitol in January. Hundreds of gun owners showed up to defend their right to bear arms.

Fast forward three months and the issue is still at large. The debate is even finding its way into the sports world. On Saturday night the NRA sponsored their first ever NASCAR event, the NRA 500. Several groups and politicians tried to convince FOX to refrain from broadcasting the event.

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