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Ammunition shortages spreading in sports shops


Eau Claire (WQOW) - Despite Governor Walker supporting the U.S. Senate decision to not intensify background checks for gun owners in Wisconsin, the outlook for purchasing still looks bleak.

Gun owners are on the hunt for ammunition as stores are running dry.

"Remotely close to impossible.  I'm on a want list so my vendors, when they get it they call me and those phone calls have not happened," says Oemig's Sport Shop owner, Gary Oemig.

Ammunition disappears as soon as many shop owners are lucky enough to get a handful in stock.

"The only phone call I got last week was I had 9mm shells and they sent me 20 boxes and I limited it to two per person and they were gone in three days," says Oemig.

But 9mm and handgun rounds aren't the only problem anymore; the shortage is spreading to long rifles and shotguns.

"I got people calling here from Florida, Texas for .22 shells.  They used to live up here or have a brother that can pick them up for them, you know, 'Maybe it's better up there.'  No," says Oemig.

A nationwide drought on stock that used to be taken for granted.

"If you'd have told my father that would have happened he'd of laughed at you, that you couldn't buy a .22 long rifle shell.  But that's the way it is," says Oemig.

Something that buyers are well aware of and many are even taking advantage of.

"There's people buying the stuff not even to use it.  They're just trying to turn around and sell it for money.  Turn a buck.  You can buy it on the internet for three times what it's worth, four times," says Oemig.

For now stores are still turning a profit at a slow pace.

A handgun sales representative told Oemig's Sport Shop that if the company fills 25% of its orders this year they will consider that a success in such a highly sought after market.

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