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A man mows in the snow and a dog bowl catches a house on fire


Snow in May can certainly put a damper on your thoughts of spring, but the mayor of Roland, Iowa isn't going to let a little thing like the weather keep him from his yard work. He tried to make the best out of the situation and decided he was going to have some fun with the unseasonable weather.

Mayor Roger Fritz started to mow the grass, obviously covered in a couple inches of snow. Fritz says he didn't really know what the lawnmower would do in the snow, but thought it would be funny to try. Video of his unique mowing went viral on the internet.

In Santa Rosa, California it wasn't snow, but heat making news. A couple is blaming their dog's water bowl, for sparking a fire at their home.

Apparently, Toby's water bowl got so hot on the back deck that it started to smoke. The bowl was reflecting a concentrated beam of sunlight onto the side of the house. It was so powerful that the wood started to burn.

They called 911 and firefighters say it is the first dog bowl firefighters say they have ever had. They say it's remarkable that the angles happened to line up and produce such a powerful beam of light.

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