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Fun morning videos: Silent thief, bacon-loving grandma and dominos


Here's a look at the Wake Up Wisconsin crew's top odd videos of the day, beginning in China. A man there decided to rob a convenience store with a knife. The store associate wasn't going to let it happen, he began wrestling with the robber. Eventually a customer jumped into help, subduing the robber. Instead of running away after the failed attempt, the suspect just stood there, silently, and waited for police to arrive. Talk about making their job easy!

Another great video comes to us from France, where a supermarket decided to do an impressive domino effect throughout the store. Could you imagine trying to set it all up? From wooden platforms, to DVDs, to juice, employees used pretty much everything in the store for their domino sequence.

Finally, a bacon-loving grandmother in Texas got a special visit from the Oscar Mayer wiener mobile because of her everlasting love for bacon. 105-year-old Pearl says she eats bacon for every meal and credits bacon as the secret to the long and happy life. The wiener mobile didn't just visit Pearl, she got to ride shotgun throughout the town. After the ride, Oscar Mayer gave her a whole cooler full of bacon.

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