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PHOTO SLIDESHOW: Eaglet has arrived in Eau Claire

Courtesy Lewis Farm Courtesy Lewis Farm

Eau Claire (Lewis Farm) - The Lewis Farm is on northwest corner of Eau Claire. 

With a menagerie of animals on this hobby farm there is usually a spring baby expected. The last one was a miniature donkey last April.

Someone said last Sunday "What? No new baby this spring?" and we said "We don't think so."

I just happened to be taking some pictures of our goats, that walk across a bridge 12 feet in the air, early Tuesday morning and decided to take a look at the eagle's nest over the driveway. I was shocked! There was our Spring baby!

Then 20 minutes later I glanced at the nest and there was baby being fed his "red meat" lunch.

The next morning I heard the eagle squawk while drinking morning coffee. I stepped out on the deck and looked up; there was mom and dad eagle sitting very close together enjoying the morning sunshine and breeze.

I kind of wondered if they were breathing deeply, enjoying each other's company saying "Whew! Finally a little together time while our precious baby sleeps."

We have observed the eagles building this nest for about 4 years.  It really feels like an honor that they trust us enough to build right over our driveway less than 50 feet from our house.

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