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UPDATE: House explosion still under investigation, mess remains

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UPDATE: Eau Claire County (WQOW) - More than 24 hours later, there's a still a buzz about an explosion that rocked part of Eau Claire county.

"I was about to go outside, had my hand on the doorknob, and all of a sudden my deer heads come flying off, and a big bang. I thought a first lightning, but no, the skies were clear, so that wasn't it," said Daryl Larson, who lives down the street from where the explosion took place.

A day later, there's still broken glass and insulation scattered up and down the road.

One day after a home exploded, there is still broken glass and insulation scattered up and down an Eau Claire county road.

Emergency crews responded around noon yesterday to what was left of the house on partridge road. No one was injured in the blast, as the Township Fire Department told us the family living in the house left for a vacation in Georgia three days earlier. The fire department says an LP-gas explosion destroyed the home, but right now what caused that explosion remains a mystery. The fire department says this explosion happened so quickly that much of the evidence remains in tact.

"It is unique in the fact that there was no fire, so we didn't lose much as far as evidence. Gas appliances we can look at later, anything else that could lead to the cause," said Mark Porter, Township Fire Department's Public Information Officer.

"Boy it's hard to put it to something as far as how loud it was as far as the noise level. My ears are still ringing. Yeah it was quite loud. I don't know what to compare it to tell you the truth. I've never heard nothing that loud or been around nothing that loud to speak of,"

Township Fire Department is waiting on insurance investigators to arrive before moving any further. Foul play is not suspected.


UPDATE: Eau Claire County (WQOW) - Emergency crews were helping pick up the pieces Sunday afternoon, after a home in rural Eau Claire County exploded. Luckily, the family who lived there was on vacation, and no one was injured due to the blast.

"All of a sudden there was insulation blowing through the house, windows, glass flying through the house," said Gary Streveler, who lives next door to the home that exploded.

What was a quiet day along partridge road changed in an instant, and left an entire home leveled. Just after noon on Sunday, crews from township fire department received a call that a house had exploded.

"This department has dealt with a home explosion; it was several years ago in the town of Brunswick off Highway 37. So we have had experience with these. It's kind of hard to train for this type of situation, but we learn from other fire departments that have handled similar incidents," said Mark Porter, Public Information Officer with the Township Fire Department.

The family that lived in the home, a husband, wife, and three young children, were on vacation at the time. No one else was injured.

The explosion was so powerful that it actually threw a mattress all the way out onto the road. There were also several neighboring homes that were damaged.

"This side here is the south side of the house that was damaged. When everything hit then it hit this side, took the siding off, the fascia. Inside, it took care of the sheetrock, the ceilings, the walls, they're all busted," Streveler explained.

His house was hit hard. Part of a ceiling fan was thrown onto his yard, and remnants of Christmas wrapping paper hang from trees that separate his house and garage from the explosion.

"It pretty much took care of this side, busted the headers, the framing, and everything to the side of the whole building. Damaged equipment inside, you know. There's a four wheeler, and some other equipment it damaged," added Streveler.

He realizes he will now be faced with a re-building project of his own.

"It isn't easy, you know? Because you pretty much feel like you have everything done for your house and everything after ten years. And now you've pretty much got to start all over again. But we have insurance," Streveler said.

And despite all the destruction, Gary says there is a silver lining.

"The most important thing is that nobody was hurt. And the people next door? Thank God that they were on vacation. That's the most important thing," said Streveler.

We're told the Red Cross will be assisting families affected by the damage. The Township Fire Department says the explosion is still under investigation. It is not being treated as suspicious.


Fall Creek (WQOW)- A home on Partridge Road exploded Sunday afternoon. The Township Fire Department says the family is out of town and no one was hurt in the blast.

Right now crews are on scene investigating what may have caused the explosion at 1427 Partridge Road in Fall Creek. While the exact cause has not been pinpointed the Township Fire Department says there is no danger of a gas leak and no cause for neighbors in that area to be concerned. The fire department says the home was fueled by propane. 

Several people described hearing a loud boom around noon and could feel walls shaking.  The Township Fire Department says five other homes nearby have minor damage. That includes broken windows. 

Our reporter on scene says twisted metal can be seen in trees and a mattress was thrown to the middle of the road. Crews from Township Fire say debris has been found an 1/8 of a mile from the blast. 

We'll have more on this developing story Sunday night during our 10 p.m. report.

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