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New abortion legislation is the focus of Capitol City Sunday


MADISON (WKOW) -- A number of abortion bills will soon be making their way through the state legislature.  That's the focus of this weekend's edition of Capitol City Sunday. 

Sen. Joe Leibham (R-Sheboygan) joined fellow Republicans to introduce one of the bills aimed at preventing what they call "sex-selection" abortions.

"This law will put a reasonable standard in place in our state, which will say that it is inappropriate to allow abortions to be conducted for gender based purposes, for sex-selection purposes," said Sen. Leibham.

It wouldn't make such abortions illegal, but it would allow family members of an unborn child to sue a provider who performs an abortion for that reason.

"This is based on constitutional law, again its in place in other states and it has case precedent to demonstrate that this can be the type of, that punitive damages can be allowed under this type of a situation," said Sen. Leibham.

"Most women who have abortions, they don't know the sex," said Sen. Chris Taylor (D-Madison).  "Because most abortions happen within the first trimester of pregnancy.  I have not heard of this being an issue."

Rep. Taylor says of the seven abortion-related bills that have been introduced or circulated, she doesn't believe any are constitutional.

"But that does not seem to dissuade my Republican colleagues from advancing them, unfortunately, and that's why we have so much litigation around this issue," said Rep. Taylor.

That includes another bill that would prevent abortions from being covered on health insurance plans for most state employees.

"Its really inappropriate for legislators to be dictating to women what kind of health care they should get," said Rep. Taylor.

There will be public hearings on both bills next Wednesday at the Capitol.

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