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UPDATE: WI panel discusses bill curbing underage drinking


MADISON (WKOW) -- Hosting an underage drinking party at your house could earn you a ticket under a new bipartisan piece of legislation.

A Republican and Democratic lawmaker have teamed up to write Assembly Bill 209, which prohibits an adult from knowingly permitting or failing to stop underage people from consuming alcohol on their property.

Under the bill, police could write a civil citation to adults who violate the provision, but it would not result in a misdemeanor or felony.

Rep. Andre Jacque (R-De Pere) presented the bill to a panel Tuesday.

"I think this bill addresses those situations where there's clear knowledge and intent to host a drinking situation for those who are underage," Jacque said during the meeting.

The bill would not apply to parents who allow only their own children to drink alcohol in their home, nor does it apply to the consumption of alcohol as part of a religious ceremony.


MADISON (WKOW) – A hearing is scheduled for Tuesday to discuss a bill that would prohibit adults from knowingly permitting or failing to prevent underage drinking.

Under current law, adults are only required to stop underage drinking if it happens at a pub, bar or liquor store they own.  Rep. Andre Jacque proposes that the law should apply to all properties they own, including their homes.

Jacques introduced another bill in March that would allow liquor license holders to sue underage patrons, or their parents, if they misrepresent themselves as 21 or older in an attempt to drink or buy alcohol on the premises.

According to Jacque, the bill would deter minors from sneaking into bars, while curbing binge drinking and drunk driving.

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