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Dangerous drug problem on the rise in Polk County

Misty Mosay Misty Mosay
William Cafaro William Cafaro
Mark Holmgren Mark Holmgren
Wendy Campbell Wendy Campbell
Charles Peterson Charles Peterson

Polk County (WQOW) - A small county is having a big problem with a drug that is so powerful, so addictive, it may only take one time to be hooked. Polk County Investigators say meth arrests are way up in recent years

Along peaceful Polk County roads lies a dark and dangerous drug problem.

"We have a terrible problem with methamphetamine," says Polk County Sheriff's Department Captain Steve Smith. "When the meth labs were still active, we were leading the state in active meth cases."

Captain Smith says meth labs are no longer a problem in the county, but the drug has not disappeared.

"The meth is still here it's just coming from Mexico," says Captain Smith. When asked why he thinks the meth is making its way into Polk County: "That I don't have a good answer for you."

Last year, around $50,000 in meth was seized by Polk County deputies, and almost 170 drug arrests were made, most for meth. This year, they've arrested almost a hundred people, and seized more than $25,000 in meth.

"At this rate we're going to exceed last year," says Captain Smith.

Meth is making its way into villages like Luck.

"We just executed a search warrant this last week that recovered a lot of drugs as well as a stolen four-wheeler from an adjacent county," Captain Smith says.

William Cafaro, Charles Peterson, Wendy Campbell, and Mark Holmgren were all arrested, and face charges. Misty Mosay, a Balsam Lake woman, was also charged with meth possession last week. Authorities say her three year old son was in the house.

The investigations and search warrants are mounting, and come with a price tag.

"This is costing us a lot of overtime," Captain Smith says. "We used to have two full time dedicated positions but we lost one with the budget cuts."

But that doesn't keep investigators from focusing on a big problem.

"We work with the tools we have," Captain Smith adds.  

The Polk County Sheriff's Department says a lot of these cases have a sort of domino effect, they'll find out about someone else dealing meth from one investigation, and that'll lead to another investigation.

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