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Local reaction to Supreme Court rulings on same-sex marriage


Eau Claire (WQOW) - From Washington to Wisconsin, Wednesday's Supreme Court rulings were the talk of the town. 

Altoona resident, Damian O'Brien, says, "Laws that would define marriage in the Old Testament sense are just pretty obsolete by now."

Elizabeth Bryans, of Eau Claire, says, "I believe in the traditional family, that being between a man and a woman, lawfully wedded, and then raising children."

"I think we just need to keep moving forward and hopefully the country can be behind everybody and make sure everybody has their equal rights," says Eau Claire resident, Jenna Gilles.  

"I think the striking down of DOMA is going to be firing up a lot of legislation, in a lot of different states in this country," says Chris Jorgenson, the director of the Women's and LGBTQ Resource Center at UW-Eau Claire. 

He says the rulings are a step in the right direction, both on a professional and personal level. "I was talking to my best friend yesterday and I was like, "I can't imagine waking up, knowing that I could propose or be proposed to and then marry the person that I love," says Jorgenson. 

He says that idea is one many people take for granted. "When you don't have that possibility... You're acutely aware that you don't have that possibility," says Jorgenson.  

He says he recognizes there is still a long way to go, because political and social changes happen at different paces. "I realize there are still going to be a lot of students who are very happily out at school, and not out at home, terrified to come out at home. There are students who, once they do come out at home, experience a lot of negativity to the point where either their parents threaten to disown them or they cut them off financially."

Jorgenson says, "We live in such an interesting time because you read about civil rights battles with regards to the black civil rights movement or suffrage, but we're living during one."

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