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Heat doesn’t change Express game plan


Eau Claire (WQOW)- It's tough to work in this kind of heat, but it's no picnic to play either.  The Eau Claire Express is in the midst of a homestand with the heat becoming a second opponent they have to face.

It's hard to meet a baseball player that doesn't know what it's like to play a three-hour game in 90 degree temperatures; at least that's the message Manager Dale Varsho has been preaching to his team.  He says you can't think about the heat and his players won't, because they all have done this before.

"Most guys are pretty used to this weather coming from California and Texas.  The only thing bad is the humidity is pretty high," says Varsho.  "But otherwise they like to work and they like to work in the heat.  So it's just one of those things that we just keep on hammering away."

Speaking of the game, WQOW asked some of you who were braving the elements if you could imagine playing in these conditions.

"This would be the last day I would want to be playing in the catcher's gear in the heat.  It's a little bit hot out today," relents Ben Bonitz.  "Just standing here outside, I'm already sweating.  I couldn't imagine throwing the ball back and forth."

"I'm already sweating just barely playing tennis.  I'm not even that good.  I'm not moving that much and yet I can quit whenever I want," admits Alex Olson.  "So I definitely wouldn't be able to play a baseball game wearing all the gear that they wear."

"It is super hot out and we don't have air conditioning where we are living off campus and it is hot enough in there," remembers Megan Schumaker.  "I can't imagine being outside for a few hours playing baseball and being active like that.  It's just kind of unbearable."

"Well you have to make sure you hydrate because especially with the gear on, the catching gear, I used to be a catcher in high school and drive between two or three games and it takes a toll on the body," replies Miles Kinard.  "It definitely wears you down."

The Express will have plenty of water on hand to keep the players hydrated.

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