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UPDATE: Man charged with killing nephews wants to take back guilty plea


DARLINGTON (WKOW) -- On the day Jeremy Wand was scheduled to be sentenced in the death of his three nephews and an unborn child, his attorney filed a motion to withdraw Wand's guilty plea.

The motion was made Friday in Lafayette County court. In response, the judge set a August 22 hearing date for Wand and his attorney to argue that his plea should be withdrawn. If the judge denies their motion, Wand could be sentenced on the same date.

Jeremy Wand previously pleaded guilty to homicide charges in the deaths of his three nephews.

Friday, Wand told the court he was pressured by one of his attorneys to take a plea deal with the state. He says he was "not all the way on board with it," but did not ask for a new attorney and said he still wants Frank Medina to represent him if he goes on trial.

Police arrested Jeremy Wand after they say he helped his brother, Armin Wand III, set fire to Armin's home in order to kill Armin's family and collect insurance money. Armin Wand was sentenced in April to three consecutive life sentences.

Armin Wand's three sons died in the fire. His wife, Sharon and their young daughter survived, although Sharon was badly burned and lost the couple's unborn baby.

Medina says there are also new aspects in the case to explore. "These issues include that there are inconsistent statements by Sharon Wand to the PSI investigator," Medina said in court. He also claims her credibility may be compromised because of minor theft charges she faces in Iowa County.

"The fact that someone is charged is not something that you can use at a trial," Assistant Attorney General Roy Korte told WKOW after court.

Sharon Wand did attend Friday's hearing. She was hospitalized for months after her husband and nephew were arrested. She looked visibly upset to learn that the case will drag on. "I am sure that she was more than anxious to have this put behind her," Korte said.

The defense must now prove that they deserve to have the guilty plea thrown out. If the judge agrees, both sides will start preparing for a trial.


ARGYLE (WKOW) -- The man convicted of killing his nephews in Argyle will be sentenced on Friday.

Jeremy Wand admitted he helped his brother, Armin Wand, set fire to his home in order to kill his family and collect insurance money. Armin's three sons died. His wife and daughter survived, but his wife was pregnant and lost the baby.

Prosecutors will ask for concurrent life sentences for Jeremy Wand. Armin Wand has already been sentenced to three consecutive life sentences without parole.

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