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Jefferson Award Winner: Adam Tracy


Eau Claire (WQOW)- Without a cloud in the sky and no homework assignments on the horizon many boys would choose to bask in the lazy, dog days of summer faster than a sweet treat turns to a melted mess.  Adam Tracy isn't snoozing away his break from the books he chooses to volunteer.  

You'll find him helping out at Eau Claire's Camp Summertime.  "You don't know how fun it is if you don't experience it," says Adam.  The camp is aimed at kids with special abilities and activities focus on socialization and building self-confidence. Adam says there is a lesson everyone can learn, "Respect the differences in people. And everybody can do what anyone else can do."

Ever since elementary school he's said, well first it was an NFL player, but second choice is a Special Ed teacher!" adds Adam's mom, Paula.  "When I pick him up (from camp) he's always telling me funny stories or goofy things that happened and just makes my husband and me absolutely very proud."

Adam's affinity for helping others will linger long past summer's end. When school is back in session he'll again be part of Best Buddies, a program at DeLong Middle School that pairs special needs students with their peers.  "He's a role model around our building for sure," says Teri Piper Thompson the Partnership Coordinator at DeLong. "He really takes the initiative on getting involved and participating and community involvement. I think that's great for other kids to see. It's great for adults to see too because you go 'Wow! Okay he's doing it. I should probably get involved'."

Adam is as humble as he is caring remarking, "I'm not doing it for the awards. I'm getting the awards because I do it, but I'm not doing it for the awards. I'm doing it for the kids."

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