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Pewaukee man shares his journey on ABC's Extreme Weight Loss



PEWAUKEE (WKOW) -- A Wisconsin man who changed his life around on national TV is now helping others achieve their goals, no matter how lofty they are.

Bob Brenner participated in ABC's "Extreme Weight Loss" challenge and talked with 27 News after his year-long transformation.

Bob is a Waukesha County Sheriff's detective and high school football coach who couldn't pass his department's "fit for duty" physical fitness course. Bob says, "I stopped exercising and stopped lifting weights and stopped taking care of myself."

He weighed 448 pounds, but at times, did try to lose some of it. "If there's a diet plan out there, I've tried it. I've been successful at times; apparently I was not very successful many times," Bob jokes.

But he finally was successful, and lost more than 250 pounds. It took him a year, but it actually started before he got on the show, when he first met "Extreme Weight Loss" trainer Chris Powell, who was talking to potential cast members about personal integrity. Bob says, "My initial though process was, my integrity's pretty decent here. I have integrity with my family and my wife and my children. I think I have integrity with my job. But he wasn't describing any of those things. He was describing personal integrity. and I didn't know how many times I said I was going to start a diet or exercise regiment and I didn't."

Bob decided right there, it didn't matter if he got on the show, he was changing his life either way. And maintaining his personal integrity was one of the things that got Bob through the next year. He continually asked himself: "What are you going to do when nobody's watching?"

One person was watching closely the whole time: his wife Kelly. She went on the same journey Bob did and lost 50 pounds herself. Kelly says, "He picked up cycling so I picked up cycling, which you owe me a ride! We work out together every morning. We have friendly competitions (we had one this morning). But I will find something someday I can beat him at." Bob adds, "She jumped into the exercise with me and she jumped into the food plan with me and that was a stabilizing factor for me."
Kelly got healthy so she could donate a kidney to her sister. Now she's supporting Bob again as he starts another adventure; becoming a life coach so he can help others transform their own lives. "What I learned isn't magic," Bob says. "But I want to share as much as I can with as many people."

Besides personal integrity, Bob says the secrets to his success were also commitment, love and faith. He says whether it be a large or small goal, you have to follow through on your commitments. Bob relied on the love from his family and learned to love himself. And his faith in God helped him through. Although Bob says "faith" can be different for everyone, he maintains you have to have faith in something, whether it's yourself or the process, for you to be successful.

To listen to the raw interview with Bob and Kelly, click here.

PEWAUKEE (WKOW) -- Meet Bob Brenner of Pewaukee.


Bob is a football coach is his spare time, and works for the Waukesha County Sheriff's Department full time.

Watch Bob from 7-9 P.M. here on WKOW.  Tune in to 27 News at 10 and on Wake Up Wisconsin tomorrow morning to hear more as we sit down with Bob.

Click here to see his video application to the show.

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