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Columbus 151 Speedway a labor of love


COLUMBUS (WKOW) -- It's often said never do business with family, but the Moore family of McFarland doesn't follow that notion. Shirley Moore and her late husband Dick, bought the Columbus 151 Speedway in 1981. For the past 32 years, she and her four children have maintained the race track. Shirley has three sons, Pete (56), Gary (55) and David (53) and a daughter, Linda (52), each of whom help run the track.

"It's just something we were raised around," Pete Moore said. "I think most people that are raised around it stuck around it. Everyone pretty much likes it, stay around it. It's the only time we see each other mostly."

According to Shirley, her late husband Dick "had a big mouth." He had ideas of how the previous owners of the track should run it, and he wasn't afraid to let them know about it. Dick was told "if you know so much, put your money where your mouth is." Shirley says a week later, she and her husband bought the track.

The Championship Race of the 2013 season at the Columbus 151 Speedway is Friday, September 6.

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