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WQOW Midwest Regional Emmy nominations

The Midwest Regional Emmy's is open to entries from Western Wisconsin (La Crosse & Eau Claire), & all of Minnesota, Iowa, and North and South Dakota. WQOW received 9 nominations. Winners will be announced at the annual gala on September 13th, 2014. Below are descriptions of the videos and the category they were nominated in:

"Dani's Christmas Miracle"
Produced by Emily Valerio. December 2013. Nominated for Best General Assignment in a 24 hour period category.

The holidays can be hard on anyone who's grieving over the loss of a loved one. 12-year-old Dani Morrow from Osseo, Wisconsin was dealing with not one, but two losses over Christmas. WQOW's Emily Valerio shows how a group of strangers banded together to deliver a surprise she'll never forget. This piece was a day turn shot, written and edited by Emily Valerio.

"Core Inspection" - Education
2-part series, November 2013. Written by Jerry Gallagher. Produced by Steve Betchkal. Directed by Lisa Patrow. Nominated for Best Education story category.

Today's classroom looks very little like the one that we called home for eight hours each day. The way children are being taught is changing through new standards called 'Common Core.' These guidelines build a road map for students in every grade level, creating more accountability and enhancing the 21st century skills needed to be successful in the real world. As the standards become implemented in Wisconsin, they face a fierce test from outside the classroom. The Tea Party and some Democrats are opposed, claiming Common Core undermines local control and is too costly. Educators say retooling now would cost too much time and taxpayer money. Jerry Gallagher and Steve Betchkal spent months investigating 'Common Core;' how it was designed, and what it means to students, educators and the community. We completed a comprehensive 'Core Inspection,' one that would apply to almost every community because these standards impact the way children will be taught across the country.

"Seeing Past Dyslexia" - Health/Science

3-part series. May 2014 Written by Aaron Rhody. Produced by Steve Betchkal. Nominated for Best Health/Science story category.

The neurological brain disorder we call dyslexia is as common as it is confounding. As many as one in five people may be dealing with symptoms. We invested a month in researching this complicated issue, and hoped to build the story around Addison, a bright, charming, and lively 11-year-old Eau Claire girl who is learning to deal with the everyday demands of a disorder that is frustrating, but entirely beatable. At first, Addison was completely opposed to being on camera, and she resisted every effort to allow us to tape her. But as we spent time with her at tutoring and at her home, she eventually warmed to us, providing an animated interview and amazing insight into her personal life.

"Barry Lynn In Person" - Interview
November 2013. Written, produced and photographed by Steve Betchkal. Produced by Amie Winters and Renee Boehm. Nominated for Best Interview category.

Barry Lynn is an iconic western Wisconsin personality. An interpretive dancer of 60 years, he cuts a flamboyant and daring path through more conservative Northwoods' culture. We interviewed him just before his 100th birthday, and his public (birthday celebration) performance.?

"Jefferson Awards" - Magazine

Produced by Andrea Albers. Nominated for Best Magazine (collection of stories in a special) category.

WQOW News 18 brings you a half hour of stories sure to put a smile on your face. You'll meet 12 amazing volunteers. Each month News 18 partners with the Marshfield Clinic to honor someone working to make a difference in their community. These are their stories. ?

"Hannah & Fritzy & Kisses" - Lifestyles Single Story

July 2013. Featured reporter Emily Valerio and photographed by Steve Betchkal. Nominated for Best Lifestyles Single Story.

Each summer, the Northern Wisconsin State Fair is held in Chippewa Falls, Wisconsin, in the heart of America's dairy country. Farming is a way of life in western Wisconsin, and so is 4-H. Farm children will traditionally raise livestock -- calves, hogs, and rabbits for example -- as 4-H projects with the goal of showing them at the fair. But as the animals are trucked off to the fairgrounds, it can be tough for a youngster to say goodbye.

"Tattoos: The Style & The Stigma" - Lifestyles Series
November 2013. Featured reporter Emily Valerio and photographed, written and produced by Kyle Jorgenson. Nominated for Best Lifestyles Series.

Tattoos are painful, permanent, and more popular than ever. But if you get one, you need to be prepared for the judgment that goes with it, in both your personal and professional lives. In this series, we examined the culture surrounding tattoos. Over the course of several weeks, we polled businesses, artists, and people on the street about body art and what, if anything, it might say about a person.

"Interdependence Day" - Editorial
July 2013. Produced by Steve Betchkal. Nominated for Best Editorial.

Because of the day off from work and the warm summer weather, the 4th of July is typically a day to celebrate outdoors with your favorite people. We call it Independence Day, but perhaps -- for reasons relating to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness -- we should reconsider that?

"Videojournalist Composite"
- One Person Does It All
Five stories, all shot, written, & edited by Steve Betchkal. Nominated for Best Videojournalist Composite.
Hulaballoo: The hula hoop as trendy workout aid.

Hawk Walk: A husband-wife team of falconers take their trained birds out hunting.

A Summer Production: A group of Eau Claire kids contacted me about the latest in a series of original backyard plays they were producing and performing during summer break.

Keeping Time: A clock repairer reflects upon the nature of time and old timepieces. (No reporter track)

Play Time: After 19 years without, an area high school has revived the all-school musical. (No reporter track)

**This is the 4th time in the last three years that Steve Betchkal has been nominated for this award, and he's the only person to have been nominated each of the past 3 years.
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